The NFL's New Anthem Policy: Good or Bad?

The NFL’s new anthem policy is here, and it is going to continue, if not worsen the controversy it was aimed at ending.  Players and staff may choose to “sit out” during the national anthem, opting to remain in the locker room during the pregame anthem performance.  If they are on the field during the anthem, however, they must stand and “respect” the anthem.  Players or staff who decide to kneel for the anthem, while on the field, prompt the League to fine their team.  Teams, in turn, have the right to fine the players of staff who involve themselves in anthem protests. 

Always Be Ready

When we are out and about, taking care of our day to day responsibilities: Be that work, or grocery shopping, dropping off and picking up our children from school, working out at the gym, or taking a trip to the post office, what state of being should we be in?  What state of mind should we be in?  How do we prepare ourselves to live and interact with the world we live in?