DACA, The Law, and a "How-To" for Growing Republican Spines

DACA stands for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.  What does it mean?  The executive order, ushered in by President Obama, granted legal status to children brought illegally to the U.S. by their parents, who themselves were illegal.  The left cleverly named this group of illegal aliens "dreamers," which served to shift the playing field further into the Democrats' favor.  A common tactic executed brilliantly by the Democrat Party, in order to stir people to make decisions based on "in-the-moment" emotions, as opposed to patient, logical consideration of facts and laws.  Healthcare, welfare, education, immigration, and many other serious issues have been framed by the left, and what has happened recently regarding DACA is indisputable proof of that very fact.  What happens when Conservatives allow the opposition to set the terms in a battle of competing ideology?    

President Trump rescinded DACA two weeks ago, and the left unsurprisingly lost their minds.  The mainstream media joined in on the collective outrage, calling Trump and Republicans evil and bigoted for choosing to follow the law.  President Obama knew exactly what he was doing, when he rammed DACA down the throats of the American people, back in June of 2012.  He was effectively framing the argument, setting the stage for an eventual debate, which is playing out exactly as he planned. 

When the subject of DACA is brought up and debated, the conversation tends to begin in left field.  What is the charming name this illegal group of people are famously known by?  DREAMERS.  Yep.  The facts are stripped away from the start.  They are identified solely as a group of young people, who only dream of making a better life for themselves... end of story.  How can we deport these youngsters from the only home they've ever known?  How can we turn this group away, when they were basically brought here against their will?  Christians!  Should we punish these children for the sins of their parents?  Give me a break.

As I said earlier, the Democrats play this game for keeps, and they play smart.  If Republicans throw DACA out, and deport these 800,000 young people, they risk being seen as heartless.  If they cave and grant amnesty for them, they will lose support from Conservatives, without receiving any actual credit for their sacrifice.  Democrats will just say they were only slightly advancing the ball, after the real work was done by Obama.  Republicans gain nothing, eventually this group obtains voting rights, and they are most assuredly added to the Democrat base.  The next obvious step is to reconcile their parents' legal status.  Since their children would be considered legal, their parents would have a case to plead, based on Constitutional interest in granting legal status for family members.  More future Democrats.  Then the next flood of illegals come, causing the same dilemma, except now the precedent has been set.  Amnesty for all.

You see, the left does not have any interest in engaging in truly fact-based debate.  If we pay attention to the facts, we quickly notice that Barack Obama's executive order was unconstitutional.  The President does not have the right to grant legal status to whomever he chooses.  Congress ultimately has the right to change laws, including those concerning immigration.  These children were brought to this country illegally, by illegal aliens.  They should have been turned away immediately, as with any person who enters this country unlawfully.  Where does compassion fit?  My compassion lies with my fellow American citizens.  My compassion extends to Americans who are truly in need of assistance.  I am interested in helping Americans find and hold down jobs.  Our military has fought to defend the rights of citizens of the United States. 

Republican Party: Tired of losing?  Stop lying down and allowing yourself to be the left's doormat.  Steer America's ship of public opinion back toward the right, and quit compromising your principles.  Analyze every situation using facts, law, and morally sound judgment, present this articulate analysis to the public, and you will destroy the left's paper thin emotional arguments.  Expose these policies for the farce they are, and force the Democrats to explain exactly how their garbage is supposed to help America become more exceptional.  Do this and you will find you will be "tired of winning" as Donald Trump so eloquently put it, during his campaign.

The answer to the question I posed at the end of the first paragraph?  President Trump already threw the amnesty "ball" to Congress' "court."  He has suspended any action regarding the legal status of those who were formerly protected under DACA, and told Congress he expects them to basically pass a law, which would grant amnesty to those 800,000.  It looks like Republicans have definitely lost this one.  They will continue to lose, if they don't learn how to effectively counter the Democrats' tactics.  This involves first growing a spine, Republican Congressmen and women, and if you have anything left in the tank... maybe... stand on principle. 



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