Does The Left Hate Sports?

I believe the true, green, activist left has had it out for sports for a long time.  As the Democrat party continues to follow its lunatic fringe toward the Alinsky cliff, this will only continue to grow and include more haters.  Why, you ask, does the left hate sports?  Competition, inequality, and the meritocratic nature of success are each reasons, chapping the left's collective hide.  The good news?  America, meaning average citizens, loves its sports! 

I would wager competition is the name of the boogey man, in every progressive household, in America.  The idea of winners and losers is contrary to the entire mission of the left.  Their belief, regarding everything, is to take the natural varying positioning of individuals, and artificially adjust each individual back to the median.  Take some of the success from the winners, redistribute that to the losers, until the graph is a straight line.  Where does this belief spring from?  I believe this comes directly from the belief that equality, to the left,  means equality of outcome.  If there are winners and losers, then there is no equality of outcome.  Furthermore, if there is no mandate to rectify this gross infraction against superior left morality, then there is no role for the government to fill.  That is the most important takeaway from their competition phobia.

As I alluded to, the left is intolerant of inequality.  Equality is supposedly a main pillar, supporting the Democrat party's platform.  Equality of what?  Outcome, of course.  This is their main concern, regarding the level of success each individual deserves.  They believe every person deserves the same amount of wealth, without regard to how this wealth is acquired.  Delving further into this idea, we inevitably come to the root of this "problem" for the left.  That is the fact each person is born with certain genetics, which vary drastically.  Certain individuals are blessed with excellent genetic blueprints, affording them the opportunity to develop the necessary skills needed to compete athletically, at the highest level.  Those of us who have any life experience, worthwhile in this area, understand that simply being physically gifted does not mean a person will find success in sports.  It takes hard work, dedication, and discipline.  Each of these are sound conservative building blocks for a successful human being, regardless of genetic makeup.  Differences which give advantages and disadvantages simply cannot be tolerated, by the left, due to the fact that they lead to inequality of outcome. 

The previous two reasons converge and manifest in this final idea.  The major professional sports leagues are each examples of meritocracies.  A meritocracy rewards individuals based on their ability, skill, and application of both to the given task.  It's simple; if you do well, you will advance.  The left is only concerned with those who don't do well.  There is this never ending quest, on their part, searching for the reasons people fail.  Of course, they are searching for the societal reasons they fail.  After all, individuals do not succeed or fail, they are simply the product of society's discrimination, biases, and ignorance.  Professional sports, however, continues to keep plugging along, paying the best, and crowning the champions.  Maybe this is the reason the left has infected sports media, turning much of its attention to current world events, politics, and the type of garbage regular Americans turn to sports to escape.  ESPN is unwatchable for many sports fans, especially conservatives.  Athletes are choosing to speak out about polarizing causes, often siding with the left, while not tolerating any opposing view.  ESPN has even fired employees who have merely voiced opposition to progressive ideology (see Curt Schilling). 

In my opinion, the left does hate sports.  The manifestation of this hate is the political pundit and sports analyst hybrids, masquerading as honest sports journalists.  The popularity of sports means progressives would be crazy to attack head on, but they have no problem running an end-around.  Even if they aren't the best runners... (wink wink).

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