Recently, a friend of mine informed me of this idea of "adulting." I looked the word up, myself, and the word did not exist, according to credentialed dictionaries. was the first place with a definition, so I checked it out. It basically said "adulting" is a verb meaning to engage in any activity adults typically engage in, or action taken, which reminds one of being an adult. Basically, if you take the trash out, you are "adulting." If you take on any responsibility, whether minuscule or major, you are "adulting." Puzzled? I was too, until I began to think along the lines of several people my age.

A lot of people I know, around their 30s, are still engaging in many of the adolescent activities we frequently engaged in over ten years ago. Many of them have families, significant others, or at least basic day to day responsibilities. Their days are spent as adolescents, broken up by fleeting moments of responsible decision making ("adulting"). Now, I don't want to begin an all-out assault on this word. It has a meaning, and it mostly rings true. What I would like to delve into are the behaviors, and causes of behaviors, associated with the idea of "adulting." 

I was taught that being an adult was a full time job. The type of full time job, which requires a 24/7 commitment. The Bible teaches us to remain sober minded, and to always be striving to obey the word of God. There is no room for taking days off. Many secular parents teach their children these exact same values, understanding that applying these values prepares children for adulthood. Adulthood is the term we should use to describe our daily lives, which brings with it the idea that we are always adults, even though we fall short at times, and we are putting forth the effort to continue to honor our commitments, and take care of our responsibilities. 

This is not necessarily a right or left issue. Parents on either side should be preparing their children for the "real world," diligently. However, I would like to highlight a couple of ideological reasons the left is churning out more and more 30 year old adolescents: The basic idea of government intrusion, playing the part of the parent, and making everything "better." The Democrat party always identifies government action as the "best practice" when it comes to solving problems. You don't make enough money? We'll give you more, because you deserve more. You want to know how to raise your kids? Our wonderful public school system will take care of that for you. Do you feel threatened by the truth? Here's a "safe space" for you. Every solution, even though woefully misguided, is mirroring the role of parents in people's lives, and continues to act as their parent throughout adulthood. 

Here's my favorite phrase: "personal responsibility." The left has set out to completely remove all personal responsibility, which is a main component of freedom, from the lives of Americans. Every need has a corresponding program, and every grievance or cause is taken up and fought for by Democrat politicians. Safety nets upon safety nets abound. The Democrat party does not have an interest in personal freedom. They want to control our lives. 

With the vanishing role of actual parents in children's lives, as well as the breakdown of so many families, it's no wonder this country's young people are finding themselves further and further separated from what makes us adults. Responsibility, decision making, and discipline are among the most important characteristics of being an adult. My generation continues to symbolize the failures of parents to produce well-adjusted adults, our inability to grow up on our own, and the course the government is setting before us, relegating us to everlasting adolescence. We know what is facing us, and we can fight back with conservatism. The question is: When are we going to wake up, fellow millennials?

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