The Mainstream Media's Call To Action: "The White Racists Are Coming!"

If you have paid any attention to the mainstream media, over the past couple of days since the horrific event in Charlottesville, VA, you might understandably come away thinking that there is a significant Nazi-sympathizing white supremacist army sweeping through the nation.  Journalists have written countless articles, as well as engaged in on-air monologues, which have alleged that these disgusting human beings make up an equally significant percentage of Trump voters, and even go as far as claiming their support won him the election!  This is a heavy charge to throw at a large swath of people, but the left-leaning mainstream media has shown they are playing this game for keeps.  It seems they have found their new mechanism for ousting Trump, as President of the United States, which is to paint the Donald and his supporters (Basically any Republican who does not outright agree to Trump's immediate removal from office) evil-Nazi-racist-sexist-bigoted-homophobic-transphobic-xenophobic-and... fascist pigs.  This is fearmongering at the highest level.  With all of the hyperbolic rhetoric being thrown around, and clogging internet searches engines, the ability for individuals seeking the truth to find objective facts has been severely hindered.  What are the facts?  How many white supremacists are out there?  How much of an impact did their numbers have on the election?  How much of a threat do these hate groups pose to blacks in this country?  Let's take a look:

I searched through several polling and census statistics sites, looking for figures on how many white supremacists likely live in America.  This endeavor proved much more difficult than I had assumed it would be.  Most sites featured very comprehensive lists containing the names of hate groups, but there were no figures showing the amount of members.  I read through several articles, each with its own take on the state of racism in America, but likewise most of those shied away from placing a figure on membership.  I finally found a report from The Florida Gang Investigators Association, who allege there is currently "unprecedented growth in white supremacist group membership."  Their findings claim there are approximately 25,000 individuals who identify as hardcore ideological white supremacists, and as many as 200,000 who associate with hate groups.  Their list of "associated persons" included those who subscribe to racist publications, attend their marches and rallies, and donate money.  Putting these numbers into perspective, the larger figure amounts to 0.1% of the white population, and if that entire group voted for Donald Trump, would have represented under 0.2% of his vote total.  Apparently growing from whatever their numbers were previously to 0.1%, rises to the level of "unprecedented growth."  In fact, this small fraction of a percent is what passes as "significant," according to the mainstream media today.  This explains why there is a compulsive rush to equate the entire Republican Party with neo-Nazi white supremacy.  I can go into exhausting detail about how conservatives and the alt-right have an ocean of ideological difference between them, but that is for another post.  For now, trust me when I say, "Conservatives share as much commonality with the alt-right Nazi wannabe scum as we do with the SJW-worshipping Left." 

Moving on, let's address the mainstream media's narrative alleging blacks are living under tremendous existential threat of violence, comparable to the threat Jews faced in Nazi Germany.  If you don't believe the rhetoric has reached that proportion, look up social media reactions to this past weekend's events, as well as reactions to Trump's commentary on the situation.  According to those individuals, half of our country (GOP voters) are racists, and President Trump is encouraging the worst of these individuals to continue their hateful lifestyles.  If you believe that, then it wouldn't be a stretch to believe blacks must be being hunted down at astonishing rates.  Again, we need to take a step outside the media's high octane echo chamber, in order to gauge the reality of the situation.  According to Anti-Defamation League statistics, "right-wing extremists" (what they eloquently label racists) have committed 275 racially motivated murders, from 2008-2016.  Last year there were 20 such murders.  I understand the next figure I will cite is going to infuriate the pro-BLM crowd, but it must be noted for the purpose of context.  The latest official crime statistics are from 2015, which show that in that year alone, blacks accounted for 2,142 murders... of blacks.  The latest statistics I could find on interracial murders in general were from 2013, and this data showed that 7.6% of black murder victims were killed by whites, whereas 14% of white murder victims were killed by blacks.  According to this information, it seems clear that blacks should be afraid of the group which is 107 times more likely to murder them than (racist) whites... other blacks. 

According to the statistics, blacks are not being mowed down in the streets, as the mainstream media would make it appear.  There are at most 200,000 white supremacist associated individuals in this country, which represents a frightfully overwhelming 0.1% of the white population.  Scary stuff... or not.  The murder rates I referenced show the metaphorical "drop in the bucket" that white on black murders represent of the thousands of blacks murdered annually.  The mainstream media wants to attach an exponential value to each instance of racial injustice, because they believe racial injustice is so much more egregious than non-racial injustice.  They literally believe an innocent young black man being gunned down by a hateful white racist, ranks that victim higher on their victimhood scale, than the same victim being shot to death by a member of his own race, for something as simple as his possessions.  That fact explains their obsession with rushing to declare every white perpetrated interracial murder a hate crime.  The very existence of the hate crime statute, acknowledges the ridiculous belief that the race of the person determines how unacceptable a given crime is.  It's difficult to digest and put this information into perspective, but if you stick to the facts and ignore the rhetoric on both sides, the picture of racial tensions and threat level continues to rank far below other threats facing the black community.  Americans, and particularly conservative and white citizens, do not need to continue to be brow-beaten into submission, by radical leftists attempting to guilt them into believing in and voting for "morally superior" leftist policy.

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