The Alt-Right: Who They Are And My Disavowal

The tragic events of this past weekend have brought a glaring problem to the forefront, once again.  The white supremacist fringe group, known as the "Alternative Right," or alt-right, held what they called a "Unite the Right" rally, Saturday afternoon, in Charlottesville, Virginia.  This was no doubt an attempt to continue to publicly push the idea that the alt-right aligns with mainstream conservative ideology, and to take another opportunity to express their "white pride."  Of course, the opportunity to engage in potentially violent confrontation, with protesting SJWs, probably provided incentive to hold this rally, as well.  The alt-right claims to support the GOP, because of their own assertion that their values line up with those of conservatives.  This fire is being fanned by the leftist media, as well as the Democrat party.  What does the alt-right believe in, and what do they stand for?  How does this compare to conservative principles?  What should be done about this group?  Answering these questions is essential for conservatives, who do not wish to be labeled racist bigots.

What is the alt-right?  The alt-right is a relatively new movement, among white nationalists and white supremacists, who aim to "take their country back" in a very specific way.  According to Jared Taylor, a prominent alt-right figure, the group shares one main common belief: "Equality is a dangerous myth."  Individuals from different races are not equal, in their minds.  Minorities do not possess the same levels of intelligence, they don't build identical societies, and cannot maintain western civilization, because they believe "whites created western civilization."  With this mission statement, it is very clear that this group's goal is to segregate the population, and to seize control over the growth of western civilization, while preserving the absolute power of the white race.  These people are not merely disenfranchised and struggling white lower class families, who have grown weary of government policy aimed at helping every other group but theirs.  No, they actually believe they are better than people who are non-white, and deserve to take control of this country.  Does this sound conservative?

For those who are very sound conservatives, you should know we are being associated with the alt-right, by both left wing media members and politicians.  This simply needs to be explained, once and for all, with precision.  Conservatives believe in limited government, first and foremost.  When government action becomes necessary, it begins at a very local community level, and then moves through cities, counties, states, and if necessary, rises to the federal level.  Each individual citizen, regardless of race or other group identification, is entitled to equal protection under the law.  Conservatives believe in a free market economic structure, which promotes the idea of equal opportunity, based on performance, not on identity.  With this freedom, comes the condition of personal responsibility, which is necessary for success.  These core principles are then applied to any given situation, to ascertain the necessary action taken by conservatives.  The alt-right?  This group, on a fundamental level, does not believe in equal opportunity or basic equal rights under the law.  They are not opposed to big government solutions, so long as they are skewed in their favor, and execute their white supremacist goals.  They operate on a core belief that whites are superior intellectually, morally, and skillfully compared to minorities, simply because they are of a different race.  They describe their movement as the white side of identity politics.  The verdict?  Conservatism and alt-right white supremacy are vastly different, fundamentally. 

Now we've established that conservatives are not alt-right, and vice-versa, but what do we do from here?  It's disavowal time.  Who must disavow?  All conservatives.  The GOP party leadership needs to take a firm stance against these racist thugs, and cut them off when they attempt to lie their way into significant commonality with the party.  I'm speaking directly to President Trump, his administration, GOP Congressional leadership, and prominent conservative governors.  Most of the conservative political pundits have already done so, but those who haven't need to jump on the bandwagon.  As individual conservative citizens, we need to spread this message to as many as we can.  Sharing this information with friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers is a great way to bring the message directly to the public, from a trustworthy source.  Don't be discouraged by those who are quick to label you alt-right.  Explain basic conservative core values, and show the sharp contrast with alt-right ideology, and allow the facts to win people over.  The more education out there, based on the truth, means the left will have a much more difficult task when attempting to label conservatives racist.  This will not stop them, however it will ensure the public is better equipped to see through their charade. 

I condemn the actions of this past weekend's murderous thug, as well as any who advocate or engage in violent, hate driven action.  Freedom of speech should be protected, no matter how disgusting, provided it isn't directly threatening.  The right needs to alienate the alt-right, and the left needs to condemn Antifa.  I'm on the conservative right, and I hereby disavow the alt-right and any hate group, as well as their morally bankrupt actions and beliefs.



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