Is Affirmative Action Necessary?

Here we go.  I know this is a subject many shy away from, but it needs to be discussed.  Affirmative action is supposed to help minorities, by favoring a minority applicant over another, based on race.  The justification for this policy is tied directly to the idea that certain racial groups are being discriminated against, and therefore require the assistance, through affirmative action, to overcome this cruel injustice.  Sounds great, right?  We should want to help qualified individuals who, through no fault of their own, are being denied employment or enrollment based on the color of their skin.  Well, before you go all-in on supporting the affirmative action cause, consider the following questions: Where is the institutional racism we so often hear about, but don't ever seem to be provided with hard evidence regarding?  Do minorities have the same rights as whites under the constitution?  Should schools and businesses make decisions between applicants, based on their race?

Institutional racism is a term often thrown around to describe an institution that is racist and actively oppressing minorities, by treating them unfavorably, strictly due to the color of their skin.  This is not a singular "person" who is racist, acting on behalf of the institution, rather the entire business or school taking the same discriminatory action, with consistency.  The problem with bringing forth a charge of institutional racism, is that there needs to be proof backing up this assertion.  Merely pointing out a statistical disparity, based on race, does not prove there has been an injustice.  Feeling that there is racism, or the appearance of racism also does not rise to the level of evidence.  Too often that is enough to push for the forced rebalancing hand of affirmative action, to right the supposed wrong.  If there was proof that a company was turning down black applicants, purely based on their race, you had better believe every major news outlet would be covering it.  The DOJ would then be responsible for looking into the matter, as a possible hate crime, and the racist would be brought to justice.

The constitution did not originally acknowledge rights equally, across the spectrum of race, or between the two sexes.  However, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 made it illegal to discriminate against any person based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.  It also required equal access to public places and employment, forced the desegregation of schools, and prohibited the unequal application of voter requirements.  The idea of affirmative action was added to this, due to the acknowledgement that there obviously had been segregation and discrimination present, and that the passage of the Civil Rights Act did not "ensure" minorities would not suffer from the same historical discrimination they had previously endured.  Fast forward to 2017, which is 53 years removed from the passage of the Civil Rights Act, and racism has retreated to the dark, unacceptable corners of society.  It is not just politically incorrect to be racist, it is absolutely disgusting, and not to be tolerated.  That is how the majority of our society views the treatment of everyone in our country, regardless of skin color.  Again, I'm left to wonder if everyone generally considers each person equal, then why do we have a policy that favors one racial group over another?

How should businesses and schools, who have requirements and seek the best, choose between applicants?  Affirmative action stipulates that the favor be given to the minority, not based on merit, but on skin color.  In a very ethnically diverse, openly accepting, equality based culture, I can't think of something that represents pre-Civil Rights Era discrimination more than that.  We need to move away from the idea that diversity means better.  Diversity simply means a variety of different styles, cultures, people, or ideas.  Good, innovative, and creative styles, cultures, people, or ideas actually makes what it's applied to better.  A diverse group of idiots is no better than a homogenous group of idiots.  They're all idiots.  Being the shining beacon of freedom, this country is able to look at the value of the individual based on what they do, not how they look.  There should not be a policy, which perpetuates the same shameful injustice against white people, simply because they are white.  Where there are legitimate instances of racism, they should be called out, and handled appropriately, but on an individual basis.  Enough overarching public policy, handcuffing our businesses and education system, while also promoting those who deserve, simply by birthright, over another.

Verdict:  Affirmative action=Unnecessary

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