Trump Reinstates Military Ban On Transgenders

In a series of tweets, Wednesday morning, President Trump proclaimed the US Military will no longer accept transgender soldiers. He cited excessive medical costs and distractions as the primary reason for the change. I'm with Trump on this one, but not exactly for the same reasons. The reports I've seen, detailing how much more transgender soldiers cost the military, it didn't blow me away. I don't think a single US tax dollar should be spent on facilitating "transitions," but I think the percentage would be less than a blip on a radar screen. I 100% agree that the military has no place for distractions. I'm not saying only transgender soldiers are capable of being distractions, I am simply saying they are, by definition, a distraction. There is already a fierce debate taking place in the civilian world, regarding the legitimacy of a person seeking to change their sex. A transgender person believes themself to be something other than their genetically established gender. Biological men believe they are women, and vice versa. This is not a beautiful realization of one's "true" identity, this is madness. Again, as I stated, these individuals are a distraction. I would argue they are unfit to join the military, on the grounds of mental instability. Our men and women in the Armed Forces are faced with the toughest job on earth, requiring tremendous training, physical strength, and mental stability. People who can't come to grips with the reality of their gender, have no business being tasked with something as important as protecting a nation. They belong in the civilian world, where they can live their life as they see fit, and hopefully receive help for their mental disorder. The military needs to remain free of the ridiculous social experiments we deal with, on a daily basis, in the civilian world. We shouldn't be encouraging mentally unstable people to give in to their delusions, either. The civilian fight will continue, however, as the Democrat party continues to push their increasingly insane ideas of what "progress" means. 

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