Time To Shut N. Korea Down

Kim Jong Un has been threatening the United States, and our allies, for years.  Their military capabilities have never been particularly impressive.  However, North Korea has been working at a feverish pace, developing the technology to fire a warhead-carrying missile to the continental United States.   According to The New York Times, whose reporters spoke to several US Intelligence agencies' administration officials with knowledge on this particular subject, North Korea may be within one year of possessing the ability to deliver a warhead as far as California.  This is incredibly troubling, especially considering most US Intelligence sources previously considered the North Koreans were likely up to four years away from seriously threatening the continental United States.  If this updated timetable is accurate, then who knows how long before an attempted launch is made?  How long will it be before the rest of the US is within their reach? 

The time to act is now.  Leaning on China, desperately hoping they will clamp down on the North Koreans, is a fool's errand.  Even if China did begin to seriously threaten economic or military action against them, what would ultimately stop Kim Jong Un from attacking?  The reality here is that we are dealing with a dictator, who clearly does not care if his country is destroyed, but seems poised to engage in war with the strongest military force the world has ever seen.  There are no signs of letting up, or mind-changing, on his part.  Because of this, there needs to be a sense of urgency, in regards to planning a well-orchestrated assault on Kim Jong Un and his regime.  There needs to be a plan to assassinate him, as well as top officials and others deemed necessary, while simultaneously destroying all of their military facilities.  This would obviously be an extremely large scale operation, most likely resulting in military and (North Korean) civilian casualties.  Civilian casualties should never be part of the plan, but we cannot risk the safety of US citizens, because we are worried about civilians living close to military assets.  Each passing day is another opportunity for Kim Jong Un, a seemingly unhinged madman, to decide to go after the sleeping giant in the West.  Our fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters are threatened every day this man is allowed to live, and plot against us.  Let's not give him the chance.  

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