Net Neutrality: Who Do You Trust?

In 2015, the Obama administration ushered in a new spin on an old game.  Net neutrality was sold as the government protecting the "little guy" against being priced out, slowed down, or censored by evil corporate internet service providers.  This idea is a common theme espoused from the lips of anti-capitalist lefties, who favor big government solutions.  They argue that corporate greed will inevitably lead to soaring prices and limited access.  Those of us who don't have red-stained lips, from fresh Kool Aid, know that privately owned businesses don't grow by alienating their customers.  So who do you believe?

The problem with the uber-greedy corporation indictment is, as I stated earlier, that successful companies don't "stick it to" their customers.  No company builds a business model around pricing out the general public.  Also, absent from sound business planning, would be deteriorating levels of service.  If companies began to throttle down their internet access or speeds, customers would abandon ship immediately, which would spell bankruptcy for such organizations.  Money is made through innovation, efficiency, and competitive pricing.  Regulating speech and censoring opinions would also cause net losses, which no company is in the business of suffering.  

Over the past two years, under the "protective" watch of big government, there has been plenty of censorship.  There were stories coming out about certain leading search engine providing companies, who were deliberately creating algorithms, for the purpose of filtering out certain political ideology.  Social media sites were suspending accounts of those who were "too conservative," citing conveniently skewed definitions of threatening or hateful speech.  Regulation?  The fact is, government regulations often allow big corporations to operate free of much competition, due to the simple fact that they can afford to pay burdensome regulatory fees most smaller businesses cannot.  This also causes a stifling effect on change, innovation, and growth of technology.  A perfect example of this fact is the massive uphill battle the up-and-coming autonomous vehicle industry is facing.  Every time a research and development company wants to test new technology on a public road, they have to humble themselves before Their Majesty, the government, and ask for their permission.  Most exciting new technology trickles out of a nastily clogged old spigot, strained through the muck of governmental regulatory red tape.

So, we are faced with two choices: The "security" of perpetual mediocrity provided by the benevolent government, or the fantastic volatility of the unknown, otherwise known as the "free market."  A truly free market does not have a force guaranteeing individuals will not get taken advantage of.  However, as individuals are taken advantage of, companies who treat people better will emerge.  The power of the consumer essentially drives where markets roam.  Government aims to make everything fair and equal.  Whether they actually want to do that is debatable.  What isn't debatable is the fact that government control inevitably comes with a heavy price.  Regulations will begin to constrict any service or institution taken over by the government.  Politics drives regulatory and policy change, like the waves of the sea.  Stability under government control is a myth.  What is consistent, is the relationship between the consumer and the providers of goods and services.  Where there is a need, there is someone to meet it.  The more individuals need something, the more companies are built to respond to that demand.  The more competition exists, prices decrease, while quality increases.  If we have learned anything about the government in our lifetimes, it should be that the members making up that body are just as flawed (if not, more flawed) as the rest of us.  The individuals making up corporate ownership and leadership are human beings, and guess what?  So are the members of the government.  However, for some reason, government tends to handle situations with a level of incompetence that has no equal in the private sector.  Why people continue to allow themselves to be led down the path of lies, paved by politicians making promises that the government is looking out for your freedom, astounds me.  That is why I continue to do this.  I do not want people to forget that freedom from government cannot happen, when we vote to give power to the government.  Net neutrality was and is exactly that.  It is an attempt, by the government, to control another ever-increasingly vital piece of our lives.  All under the guise of "protecting" us from another controlling interest.  Do not fall for it.

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