Hollywood Continues to Show its True Colors

The left has owned today’s modern feminist movement, featuring female sex-organ hats and “Nasty Woman” t-shirts, but they are finally taking it on the chin for looking the other way for decades.  The Harvey Weinstein issue has brought to light Hollywood’s long standing culture of disgusting quid pro quo-style sexual exploitation, often of young women.  I do not bring this up merely to point out their blatant hypocrisy, but to also call attention to their clear and abundant lack of morals.  What ever happened to their moral superiority?  It has been flushed down the drain, by a Hollywood elite sexual deviant, and the long parade of powerful individuals who have enabled him through the years. 

Several actors have been connected to Mr. Weinstein, and subsequently called out for having knowledge of his misdeeds, while young women were being sexually assaulted over the years.  Gwyneth Paltrow was sexually harassed by Weinstein, at age 22, while she was in a relationship with Brad Pitt.  She is now 45 years old, meaning she and Brad have kept this quiet for 23 years.  Ben Affleck reportedly was told by actress Rose McGowan that Weinstein had sexually assaulted her, and Affleck responded, “I told him to stop doing that.”  Rose McGowan was paid $100,000 in 1997, by Weinstein, after what’s being reported as an “episode” happened between the two, in a hotel room.  Angelina Jolie has since come forward alleging misconduct, as have several others.  The point being that these prominent Hollywood figures have gotten rich off of the lewd and utterly repulsive “pay for play”-style culture, which is reportedly rampant in that industry, and none of them had the guts to come forward until it was 100% safe… for their careers.  Bravery at its finest.

Who else knew about this, or should have known?  Why none other than the left’s Political Elite Headmistress, herself, Hillary Clinton.  The ol’ crusader against any woman who would dare bring a claim of sexual assault against her husband, no matter how tall the mountain of evidence.  She calls herself a “champion” for women, but she knew nothing about the predator her family’s foundation (Clinton Global [money-laundering] Initiative) was accepting donations from, to the tune of $250,000?  Really?  There are also reports claiming he donated $35,000 to Hillary’s 2016 presidential campaign.  I don’t believe for one second, that she didn’t know he was sexual deviant.  It was a running joke in Hollywood.  The elites acted as they will always act:  They believe they are untouchable. 

The elites believe they are above the enlightened morality they push down to us “ordinary” citizens.  These are the exact same people who bludgeon “climate-deniers” over the head, simply because we don’t buy into their climate change policies, as they are leaving behind yearly carbon footprints most people will not come close to equaling, over the course of ten years.  These are the “almighty” anointed ones, who graciously ingrain the idea of universal, government controlled healthcare, while they jet off to the most expensive private medical practitioners in the world.  Just as they have, in those cases, the elites in Hollywood have run roughshod over the industry, with reckless abandon.  They have been checked by no one.  Only when it appears that one of these giants is washed up, do the cloaks open up, and the daggers drawn.  These are your courageous bastions of women’s rights, who are willing to go after any Republican accused of foul play, and hide behind their selective moral outrage.

The left doesn’t care about anyone but itself.  Its self-interests are paramount, and everything else pales in comparison.  The left puffs itself up as being the sole voice, amongst the evil oppressors on the right, standing up for every injustice done against a class of victims.  However, their hypocrisy is revealed every time a scandal rises, and drags down their pillars of worldly wisdom.  They should not be let off the hook.  The right needs to explain who they are, while their mask has been momentarily pulled off, so that they cannot climb back atop their high-horse, and rain down on those of us who favor the moral decency God has outlined for us.  Bring back the era of strong men standing up for, and protecting the virtue of, strong women.  The left wants no part in a world featuring that as the dominant culture.  After all, the left needs victimhood to provide them with victims to exploit!

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